AGT Finalist, celebrity headliner comedian, Vicki Barbolak and her husband Lou speak to the Circle of Light.

The Circle of Light explain to Vicki and Lou, how staying in the moment, and the appreciation of what is currently manifest, is the best way to bring forth a "Big Ball" of opportunity.

Why it is important to understand that "Manifestation and Knowingness" are the only true forms of manifestation, and the rest is the Mind's nonsense, and a source of resistance to the power of the Now Moment.

They discuss the importance of understanding that a public figure who provides a transformational experience, may experience resistance which is archetypal of the resistance of the bigger collective they are reaching, and why its important to not take that resistance "personally".

And how a fan can "gain power" through feeling "at one" with a person that they are a fan of, instead of putting their lives up on a pedestal.

And why shifting the center of consciousness from the Mind to the Heart is a powerful way to move into a new reality.


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