What is this “Shift in Consciousness”, “Bending the Matrix” business all about? Georgia and Melissa take you on another “Mind Melting” conversation (beware, you might get woozy if you’re energy sensitive) about the changes that are happening on the planet as part of humanities evolutionary shift to a new level of consciousness. 

We explore the role of the Earth as a stage for consciousness to explore storylines, and the framework for human consciousness as we’ve known it. 

What’s the difference between “parallel realities” and “multi-dimensional realities”. 

The role of sport to have a relationship with our old, primitive mind, survival consciousness. 

And why transcending the control of primitive mind consciousness is a vital part of our ability to make the shift. 

Watch out for that sneaky judgemental Mind. It’s doing it’s best to hold up the progress of this evolutionary shift but you’ll get some tips how to bypass its shenanigans and get through to the “other side”.


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