Special guest Reuben Langdon, and co-host Melissa Rutigliano have a conversation with the Circle of Light, the non-physical collective Georgia started spontaneously channeling in 2004. It's their first live appearance on the show.

The Circle answers the questions

"What do you see from the non-physical perspective?"

"Who are you?"

"Is there a sense of urgency for humanity, for why you are coming through?"

They talk about how you can gain power through "becoming one", with people like movie stars, spiritual leaders and entities that you put "on a pedestal" by dissolving the "illusion of separation" and becoming a FAN.

Why the perception of lack is part of the "game-changing shift" that is occurring right now. 

How multi-dimensional reality is being made possible through connecting with consciousness that has evolved in other dimensional realms.

How the "sneaky" Mind will start to use "spiritual concepts" you've learned to keep you in limitation.

Finally, what are ET's "really"?

Get ready to have your Mind melted and to receive the frequencies that will initiate a powerful shift in your consciousness.

This show is jam packed so put your player on "repeat" as multiple digestions are recommended.

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