Georgia returns to Australia to spend the birthday of her recently deceased father, with his sister, talented medium, and spirit painter, Lynne Hall.

Aunty Lynne, shares her journey as a trail blazing "New Ager", in the 1970's, going to the Spiritualist Church to connect with spirit, and to eventually to give messages from the platform.

They discuss their "cosmic lineage", overcoming developmental insecurities, and the fear of being rejected and judged by family, community and on the dating scene.

Lynne recounts beautiful stories from her mother in spirit spilling the beans about her daughters love life.

She gives Georgia "funeral feedback", from her dad beyond the veil.

And recounts a scandalous past life as a naughty high priestess, at Diana's Mirror in Italy.

As a practitioner with nearly 50 years of experience working with spirit, Lynne has beautiful wisdom and fascinating stories to share.

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