What is it like when someone who can communicate with the dead, loses a loved one? Georgia recounts the recent passing of her beloved dad. Through the viewfinder off a multi-dimensional perspective, Georgia and Melissa talk physical grief, psychology, the eternal soul connection.

And how a life long soul sister saved the day with wine, chocolates and painkillers after a harrowing journey home. 

When does the spirit leave the body? What is the spiritual purpose of the funeral ceremony?

And why was an old photo, and the passing of Luke Perry (another "Beverly Hills 90210" connection), a sign that Georgia's dad might be about to cross to the other side?

You'll learn so much about the energetic nature of the transition from life to death, in all its pain, beauty and profundity.

Georgia and Melissa also discuss the struggle between the Masculine and Feminine forces, from the battle between thought and emotion, to the higher balance of "knowingness" and "feeling".

Curious to learn about the Green Somavedic Light that helped Georgia get through the worst of it. Go here


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